The Maven Awards honor individuals, agencies, and marketing teams in New England for creative and innovative media campaigns, plans, and ideas. The award categories range from traditional to digital, new & emerging to branded entertainment to experiential, and exemplify the standards for creating, planning, and executing effective marketing initiatives. Voted on by some of the top marketing and media executives in the country, the awards, presented by The Ad Club of Boston recognize the very best strategy and execution, as well as the people, agencies, and brands responsible for bringing them to life.

According to the team’s entry, “Our Alexa campaign aimed to increase awareness, linkage, recall, and consideration to drive a connection and sense of trust between the audience and First Citizens Bank. With a budget of only $300K to cover both of the Carolinas for close to a year, we needed high-quality targeting data and a way to minimize the path to conversion (a skill download).We identified media partners such as MiQ who could target those in-market for a mortgage and overlaid those segments with pixel-based site visitor profiles to craft a qualified audience.

Through Amazon, we reached an audience of existing Echo owners and Alexa skill users. Jun Group served pre-ad qualification questions to confirm Echo ownership. Pandora served audio spots only to users currently listening through their Echo, enabling instant and friction-free skill download. Finally, we captured those in these audiences who engaged with ads and the download page andcreated lookalike custom audiences on Facebook and Twitter, serving social-friendly ads promoting the skill. While Amazon cannot provide download figures for the skill, we’ve delivered nearly 60 million impressions and reached 40% of the market with our efforts, establishing First Citizens Bank as a tech-forward customer-first bank and differentiating them from a crowded category."


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