Daytona Rising

Transforming the world center of racing into America’s first motorsports stadium through an immersive, unparalleled branded fan experience.

Sunoco has a long and storied history at Daytona International Speedway, one that dates back almost 50 years. When they were approached to become a founding partner of the brand new speedway, they couldn’t pass up an opportunity to continue that legacy. With the ink dry on the partnership, we set out to design a fan experience like no other. 

How does one create a 200,000 square foot fan experience for a fuel brand? 

We started with the exterior facade and adorned it with their bold Sunoco blue and a 65 foot illuminated Sunoco diamond, quite possibly the largest stair graphic ever created. And an 83 foot kinetic Sunoco Victory flag that actually waves in the wind. 

As we moved inside, we dove into Sunoco's role in the sport of racing both present and past. We created large scale banners that feature the iconic Sunoco fuel can, juxtaposed with a Sunoco branded Porsche Audi from yesteryear, the famous Lola, driven by the late Mark Donahue. And we included the Sunoco Javelin for some original American muscle. Jeff Gordon's #24 NASCAR and Chase Elliott's #24 NASCAR helped usher in the future while paying respect to the past. We also brought in a 180° cam that generated fan Gifs of a simulated Victory Lane Celebration.

But our concept didn't end with the set dressing.

We knew we needed something unique and distinctly Sunoco that could engage and delight fans. To take advantage of the sheer scale of the Injector, we partnered with Dimensional Innovations to fabricate and hang 4 oversized Sunoco fuel tankers from the ceiling, for a mixture of industrial art and pure entertainment. The first tanker is made to look like the Sunoco fuel can featuring light sculpture made up of fuel cans and lines. The next two tankers project 360° video featuring iconic victories as well as VR and in car footage from the NASCAR Victory Lap in Las Vegas. The final tanker is lined with thousands of LED lights built to emulate a Tachometer and programmed to react to the sounds of the engine.

Capping Off The 360° Experience

To cap off the experience, we fabricated a waving Sunoco Victory Flag using hundreds of individually programmable LEDs, to welcome fans into the Injector.

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