The Sounds of Racing

Auto racing is a uniquely visceral experience, encompassing all five senses. And Sunoco race fuel is a vital component of that experience. From the fire of the ignition to the red-line of victory, Sunoco is truly the essence of racing. And Sunoco race fuel literally brings the sounds (and smells) of racing to life. First, we unveiled the essence of racing platform by bottling the scent of racing with Burnt Rubber. And now, we shift gears to sound. Our approach deconstructed the familiar sounds of racing into the most basic elements that could then be remixed into something tangible—and sharable— with an inherent musicality that would ring true to racing, but through a unique filter that was fun and engaging. And that struck a real chord with our core fans.

Augmented Reality

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Experience AR

To encapsulate this notion and cap off the 2016 racing season, we celebrated NASCAR's seven-time champion Jimmie Johnson with burnouts on the Vegas strip, 360° VR video, and a nifty Augmented Reality experience (featuring Jimmie himself) that brings the sounds of racing to life. We displayed a life sized print ad in NASCAR's fan village and demoed the app to crowds of fans. We handed out hero cards with a push to download the app so fans could take the experience with them, and ran a geo-targeted social campaign urging NASCAR to download the app, find our ad, and win prizes from NASCAR. Sounds like victory.

Sound and Vision

To serve up the Essence of Racing to a television audience, we enlisted three superstar celebrity athletes (including Jimmie) to conduct the sounds native to their respective sports into symphonies of speed. Each hard-driving track took on the personality of the driver and the racing series they represent. But we knew in order to amplify this effort, we had to get the fans involved, so we created the Sunoco Soundboard.

Dope Beats

We wanted our online experience to engage fans in a whole new way, to let them have as much fun playing with the sounds of racing as we did. To do so, we developed a custom soundboard, a dope beat machine if you will, that allowed fans to take our captured racing sounds and create their own tracks to share with the world. Fans and drivers mixed some ridiculously dope beats, and we created the perfect old-school package for introducing the Sound Board to influencers.

The Boom. The Bip. We Be on the Flip Tip.

We created custom cardboard boomboxes that when attached to a smartphone could play our spots and act as speakers for our custom soundboard. Because introducing something as off beat as the remixed sounds of racing to the world requires a package as unique and off beat as the idea itself.

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The Sounds of Racing
Auto racing is a uniquely visceral experience, encompassing all five senses. And Sunoco race fuel is a vital component of tha...