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Culture Code.

These days, there's a lot to be said for culture. The people make the place, they say. And, well, we'd be hard pressed to disagree with this notion. In fact, we care so much about our people, our culture, and the values that keep us working as one that we decided to create our Culture Code.

It's not a weird secret language. It's simply the core beliefs we live by. And as we continue to grow and evolve, these values ensure we never stray from our people-first mentality:


Unapologetically Three-Dimensional..

We believe that putting our heart and soul into our work doesn't mean logging 80 hours a week chained to a desk in a windowless room. It means bringing our outside interests inside.

Because we're useless trivia savants & washed up rock stars & Optimus Prime enthusiasts & urban farmers & reality check distributors & base stealers & food devotees & daydream believers.

Our ampersands represent who we are. And who we are – unapologetically three-dimensional – is what makes our agency unique. So we encourage them. Invest in them. And change them. Constantly.


Achievers. Not Credit Seekers.

What we create is more important than who creates it.

We're self-reliant, self-confident, self-starters. Scrappy do-it-yourselfers.

And while super important job titles sound nice in client meetings and look cool on business cards, we reject the notion that people should “know their role” within a corporate food chain.

Because we believe your job title shouldn't exempt you from doing the little things.


Each of Us Inspires All of Us.

Your participation is mandatory. You might not think it's Earth shattering, mind blowing or life changing, but every contribution is agency shaping.

So we champion different points of view. And harness each other's passions.

Because the more we push each other, the farther we go.


We Work For Each Other, Not For Ourselves.

Being talented is important but it's not everything. It's just one piece of our giant jigsaw puzzle of an agency.

We're stubbornly exclusive, holding out for people who will work great together. Mesh together. And grow together.

And so we lead each other. Call bullshit on each other. Help each other. And make fun of each other.

You can be a lot of things here. But an asshole is not one of them.


Uncharted Territory Is Our Playground.

If there's a problem to solve, we jump in with both feet. We push boundaries. We ask why, and why not. We boldly go where no whiteboard has ever gone before.

We explore. We experiment. We go big. Then we go home.

Then we come back and do it the next day. We're a little badass. We're a little brainy. And if we're not making mistakes, we're not trying hard enough.

It's about making ourselves and our clients a little uncomfortable.

Because uncomfortable leads to unbelievable success.

Our Leadership.
Andrew Graff

Andrew Graff Chief Executive Officer

Challenger of the Status Quo &
Up Before the Sun &
Caffeine Free

Jen Putnam Chief Creative Officer

Rescued Rescuer &
Change Agent &
Woman With Wanderlust

Dan Beder Managing Director | Boston

Hockey Dad &
Fixer-Upper &
Constantly Curious

Mike Raetsch Managing Director | Philadelphia

Always Thinking &
Blazer Connoisseur &
A Daddy First

George Ward Chief Engagement & Innovation Officer

Oenophile &
Deadhead &
Points Out Tall People

Tim Reeves Principal

Ink In My Veins &
Pittsburgh Pirates Loyalist &
7th Grade Catechist

Chris Woods Executive Director

Known as "The Wolf" &
Ex-Googler &
Devoted Dad

Elaine Tocci SVP, Media

Embraces the journey &
Treasures the amazing people on the journey with me &
Hopes for endless curiosity

Kevin Olivieri Chief Technology Officer

Proud Father &
BC Superfan &
24 Diehard

Darshan Sampathu VP, Analytics

Deutsche Auto Fan &
All About Radiohead &
Oceanic 815 Survivor

Fredrik Särnblad SVP Brand Strategy

Explorer of Human Nature &
Kale Skeptic &
Ex-Prison Guard

Monica Lorusso SVP Engagement Strategy

Mommyface &
Olympian* &
Guinness For Strength

Majja Dennis EVP, Talent & Development

Laid-Back Mom &
Pop Culture Aficionada

Julianna Akuamoah VP, Talent & Operations

Neuroscience Buff &
Fine Arts Lover &

Kelly Poulson VP, Talent & Development

Dog Obsessed &
Dream Manager &
You're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

Lisa Costa Chief Financial Officer

Paul Allen Chairman

Aspiring Circumnavigator &
Dog Whisperer &
Family Guy

Scott Sneath Managing Director, primal | a&g

Better &
Faster &

Tammy Casserly Director, primal | a&g

Ultimate Connector &
Golden Retriever's Rock &
Wine Enthusiast