Who We Are
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Unapologetically Three-Dimensional. Achievers. Not Credit Seekers. Each of Us Inspires All of Us. We Work For Each Other, Not For Ourselves. Uncharted Territory Is Our Playground.
Our Leadership.
Andrew Graff

Andrew Graff Chief Executive Officer

Challenger of the Status Quo &
Up Before the Sun &
Caffeine Free

Jen Putnam Chief Creative Officer

Rescued Rescuer &
Change Agent &
Woman With Wanderlust

Dan Beder Managing Director

Hockey Dad &
Fixer-Upper &
Constantly Curious

Mike Raetsch Managing Director | Philadelphia

Always Thinking &
Blazer Connoisseur &
A Daddy First

Brian Babineau Chief Strategy & Engagement Officer

Half Introvert, Half Extrovert &
Culture Nerd &
People and Laughter First

Tim Reeves Principal, Public Relations

Ink In My Veins &
Pittsburgh Pirates Loyalist &
7th Grade Catechist

Kevin Sweeney Chief Financial Officer

Dad &
Marathon Runner &
Boston Sports Fanatic

Kevin Olivieri Chief Technology Officer

Proud Father &
BC Superfan &
24 Diehard

Darshan Sampathu SVP, Analytics

Deutsche Auto Fan &
All About Radiohead &
Oceanic 815 Survivor

Sandra Peralta SVP, Talent

True Visionary &
Optimist &
Family Lover

Monica Lorusso SVP Engagement Strategy

Mommyface &
Olympian* &
Guinness For Strength

Paul Allen Chairman

Aspiring Circumnavigator &
Dog Whisperer &
Family Guy

Scott Sneath Managing Director, primal | a&g

Better &
Faster &

Tammy Casserly Director, primal | a&g

Ultimate Connector &
Golden Retriever's Rock &
Wine Enthusiast