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Senior Copywriter


A senior writer loves good ideas. And lots of them. They can crank out concepts alone or with a partner. They know a channel is never an idea, but an idea must work across channels. A senior writer is competitive. They want to win the pitch, the shootout, the awards. They work until the last minute if that’s what it takes. They are not afraid of working hard, working late, getting up early. A senior writer is their own toughest critic. A senior writer better be able to write. They have range. They can do funny and clever and heady and heartfelt all on the same day and if necessary, at the same time.  A senior writer isn’t a poet, but they are poetic. They’re not a novelist, but they have novel ideas. A senior writer at A&G wants to be a leader. They want to mentor younger writers. They want to be a creative director and they think that way. They think about art direction. They think about the presentation. They want to make stuff! A senior writer loves this crazy business. 


  •  7+ years of experience 
  • Strong creative portfolio showcasing a range of platform experience
  • A thorough understanding of digital media and an ability and desire to adapt with the changing landscape of technology

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