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Strategy Intern

At A&G, strategists are responsible for digging into culture, the motivations of people, our clients’ work, the competitive landscape, and current events to form insights that inspire creative teams to make the awesome work you see online, on TV, on billboards, and everywhere else advertising lives. Without strategic grounding, advertising can miss the mark at best and, at worst, actually turn people off from your brand. Yikes. Strategists need to be empathetic people who can put themselves into other peoples’ shoes, while also continually searching for hard data to back up our insights and instincts. At A&G, our strategy interns can expect to dive into primary and secondary research across a broad range of clients while gaining exposure to our creative, media, and analytics teams that we partner with daily. You’ll also be expected to bring a new perspective to the team and present ideas, cultural findings, and explain the fresh memes and slang to us.


  • You’re interested in our  Spring internship that would start in January 2022. 
  • You’re a rising college senior, college graduate, or one of those super-smart students who goes to school after college to get a masters.
  • Available for part-time hours with reliable internet access. We are working from home and this will primarily be a digital internship although there might be opportunities for us also to collaborate in person. We’re hoping to see applications from Philly and Boston folks, but open to applicants in other EST time zone locations.
  • Interest in marketing, advertising, storytelling, and digging into the weird things humans do and why they do it.
  • Your Google-fu and research abilities are top notch. You can find the title and singer of a song even though you only remember two words from the chorus.


  • Working knowledge of Mac computers, including Keynote--you don’t have to be the Michaelangelo of presentations, but you know how to align objects and that red text shouldn’t go on a blue background. 
  • Experience with Microsoft Office (especially Excel) and the good sense to Google what you don’t know. It’s fine, nobody actually remembers how to install Macros all the time.
  • Expansive knowledge of social media, including: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Reddit, TikTok, LinkedIn, plus a working knowledge of up-and-coming and niche platforms like Twitch. We’ll look to you to be on the pulse of social media happenings, enlightening the team about the next awesome platform and when platforms are on their deathbed (RIP Vine).
  • Courage in the face of large data sets. You can comb through numbers, facts, and figures to emerge with a story about what’s happening and why. This could be data from Google Analytics, scholarly journals, the US Census, client data, a survey you’ve designed and put out into the world, etc.
  • Willingness to learn about any subject and become an expert in it; we’re talking forklifts to tourism to higher education and everything in between. There will be a lot of work in the healthcare sector.
  • A comfort with the unknown. Our work is never the same day after day. You must be OK not always knowing what the next day or week will bring. While we try to outline what day to day will look like for our interns, the very nature of advertising is fast-paced & ever-changing. 
  • The initiative to raise your hand, get involved, and ask questions. Trust us - you’ll get a lot more out of your experience and have more fun doing it. As this is a digital internship, we need someone who is okay communicating when they’re running into problems or stuck and unsure about an assignment

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