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Manager of Data Science

Here at Allen & Gerritsen, the current need calls for a radical individual with passion oozing from their very being to join our growing Analytics practice. We’re looking for someone to occupy the role of Manager of Data Science, but we’ve got to say, we’re kind of picky. And we’re dead set on finding someone with a desire to tell stories with data, all in support of developing great work for our clients and our internal teams. We dig the type of people who can see beyond the mountains of data files, usual metrics, and obvious results.  We want explorers, critical thinkers, and innovators to help drive our capability forward. Insights from our team are critical to identify new growth opportunities as much as they support amazing, creative ideas. As a member of our team, you will play a pretty pivotal role in leading client projects across a diverse portfolio of clients, verticals, and types of marketing analytics and business intelligence engagements and will lead the data science center of excellence for the agency.


  • Develop and manage A&G’s data science capabilities (eg. predictive modeling, scenario planning, and machine learning) for both client and internal agency teams’ needs 
  • Educate and support Analytics teammates on data science methodologies and evolutions for enhancing client services and relationships
  • Manage the day-to-day operations, staffing, infrastructure, and development of the data science team with the SVP of Analytics
  • Support the SVP and EVP in Analytics practice development and advancement, identifying opportunities for growth and implementation of new solutions that advance the efficiency and effectiveness of the data science and analytics teams
  • Lead operational elements of the data science team, including finding and deploying data management solutions to ensure the efficient delivery of project deliverables
  • Monitor and stay current with changes in data science trends, technologies, and principles particularly in relation to AI and machine learning applications on behalf of clients

Skills Needed for Success:

  • MS in a quantitative field (Computer Science, Data Science, Engineering, Information Systems) with strong knowledge of statistical analysis and modeling.
  • Technical familiarity with the data modeling needs of the myriad of marketing data types (eg. web/app data, media data, CRM, eCommerce) 
  • 5+ years of work experience in a dedicated data scientist capacity including statistical and predictive modeling, preferably in a business services or marketing environment
  • Strong communication skills and ability to communicate complex methods and results to diverse audiences
  • High level of comfort with data translation, successfully organizing, blending, and transforming disparate data sets into a cohesive database structure
  • Deep experience with analytic tools/languages (e.g., R / Python / Dataiku) and experience with machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques
  • Proven ability in extracting insights from statistical models, such as linear regression, clustering algorithms, random forest models, time series, Neural Networks, etc
  • Capable of managing and mining large datasets within, and across, different data warehousing  and pipeline systems (eg. SQL, Google BigQuery, Snowflake, etc.)
  • Familiarity with data visualization software like Tableau, PowerBI, Google Data Studi

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  • What a Typical Week May Look Like
  • Analyze the latest real-time performance of campaigns, communicating the trajectory relative to forecasts to key stakeholders, including optimization and experimentation ideas
  • Setting up and managing A&G and clients’ intelligence systems used to predict and quantitatively guide marketing decisions
  • Helping the brand strategy, media, or communications teams to better understand and activate their data systematically in order to deliver against a core agency vision
  • Partnering with A&G analysts to develop unique outcomes-planning and forecasting methods to help develop outcomes-first strategies
  • Meet with A&G and client analysts to problem-solve, collaborate on applying concepts, evaluate performance results together, and guide them towards client and project growth opportunities
  • Oversee the development and evolution of A&G’s marketing mix models for internal and client activation
  • Coaching analysts on their data science usage and areas of improvement as well as data science staff
  • Familiarity with data visualization software like Tableau, PowerBI, Google Data Studio