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Allegheny College Launches Campaign to Introduce its Innovative Multidisciplinary Approach to Prospective Gen Z Students


Gen Z Wants Higher Education that Prepares Them for Life and Not “Just a Job”!

MEADVILLE, PA – Allegheny College, one of the nation’s oldest and most innovative four-year colleges where multidisciplinary learning breaks the conventional mold, has launched a brand campaign to reintroduce itself to prospective students considering a four-year college. The predominantly digital campaign began September 29 and demonstrates how Allegheny College’s perspective-broadening education appeals to prospective students with an extraordinary portfolio of interests. The brand campaign touts how Allegheny College prepares learners to think critically, communicate creatively and question everything — giving students the opportunity to express their individuality and not just train to fill a job.

“Allegheny College is a hidden gem with a remarkable amount to offer learners who want to engage their curiosity and creativity,” explained President Hilary Link. “I feel strongly about the caliber of multidisciplinary education and the experiences the college provides, so I enlisted the Board of Trustees’ support for an investment above our annual budget to produce a campaign that begins to tell our rich story.”

The brand campaign’s development was creative and inclusive, using quantitative and qualitative research with input and feedback from a cross-section of the Allegheny College community and alumni. Broader quantitative research revealed that Gen Zers (those born between 1997 and 2012) value individualization, crave authenticity and appreciate awards-based experiences. Gen Z, the first digitally native generation, is of-the-moment and loyal to brands that care about their passions.

“The strategy is built on Allegheny College’s meaningful difference, one that positions Allegheny grads as exactly the adaptive, broad thinkers that employers want — and that prepares them with the attributes most likely to create life success as well,” explained President Link.

The campaign was developed by Allen & Gerritsen in Philadelphia. Since Gen Z uses their second screens to engage, A&G’s media buy is geared to their viewing consumption and patterns.

Creative materials are anchored by a 32-page contemporary viewbook detailing the essential assets that make the Allegheny College experience unique and appealing to Gen Zers. The campaign also includes three 30-second videos, online banners, interactive displays and online audio and print mailers for prospective students and guidance counselors. Audiences will be directed to a newly designed microsite and then onto a refreshed site.

As one of the few colleges in the United States with a requirement to choose both a major and minor for graduation, Allegheny College provides students with a cross-disciplinary path in the sciences and humanities for educational depth and intellectual growth. The campaign includes colorful graphics that showcase at least 999 combinations of majors and minors at Allegheny College that are possible today.

The fascinating, extraordinary lives and achievements of alumni are prominently featured to demonstrate the benefits of the multidisciplinary requirements and the individuality of students attending Allegheny College. The alumni give a real-life perspective on how the low faculty-to-student ratio allows students to work closely with their professors to explore their interests and become exposed to new — and sometimes unexpected — learning opportunities.

The campaign is geared to attract students who want to employ their personal passions and are seeking an education to help them become someone and not something. By illustrating how Allegheny College graduates are doing things no one has done before and telling a story of their strength, ingenuity, resolve and involvement, the new materials encourage Gen Z students to imagine how they might contribute to the next chapter in the college’s 205-year history.