How far can a
take you?

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In our case, about ten years…

Standing out can be tricky when you’re selling the same thing as your competition. But as the official fuel of NASCAR, Sunoco sported a sponsorship that could leave them all in the dust. They looked to us to turn that sponsorship into a brand – one with personality, imagination, and humor. The result was a relationship that set records, thrilled the crowd, and spanned nearly a decade.

How we did it.

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A creative multi-channel marketing campaign that produced engaging content and drove positive business results.

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I love the smell of NASCAR in the morning.

Sunoco asked us to capture the essence of racing with oddball humor and personality. So we did. And then we bottled it. We created a cologne called Burnt Rubbér, with notes of actual burnt rubber (it smelled good - we swear). Then we designed a bottle, upscale packaging, and a campaign that featured NASCAR drivers in all the over-the-top drama of a real fragrance campaign.

Sunoco made a Burnt Rubber cologne. It smells fantastic.

– GQ

Sunoco sweetsmell

The sweet sounds of victory.

Burnt Rubbér appealed to more than just racing fans, and we wanted to keep that going. So we developed something even more interactive. Partnering with Strings and Tins, we created a custom soundboard - scored to the captured clanks, whirrs, ratchets, and roars of a live race. As fans and drivers mixed and shared their own beats, we created custom cardboard boomboxes to act as speakers for their smartphones.