Home buying questions? Just ask Alexa.

Do I have enough money to buy a home? Do I need a realtor? What are closing costs? Which mortgage works best for me? Where do I even start?

Buying your first home is the biggest investment of your life. The questions can be overwhelming. And First Citizens Bank wanted to make it a little less daunting.

So instead of serving up ads about mortgage rates, we gave first-time home buyers the tools to get started on their own terms by proactively developing a new skill for Amazon Alexa to answer all your questions about buying a home.

Trusting a robot with mortgage advice was a giant leap for a bank that’s all about relationships. To make it work, we seamlessly combined Alexa’s technology with the trusted, conversational tone of First Citizens’ brand voice to create a comprehensive catalog of home buying questions and answers. In the process, we created an entirely new platform for First Citizens to connect with their customers.

It’s all the info you need, whenever you need it. For a bank that prides itself on being accessible and easy to talk to, it doesn’t get much easier than Alexa.

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