Museum of Science

Every year, the Museum of Science welcomes 1.5 million visitors to discover the unexpected and find the fun in education. They ask that our exhibit campaigns meet the same expectations. We insist they exceed them. See for yourself.

Spiders arrived at the Museum of Science just in time for the summer tourist season. So we followed our 8-legged mascot around town as he hit all the touristy hot spots and invited locals to learn more at his exhibit. The Museum worried that people wouldn't come to the exhibit because spiders can seem creepy. So instead of putting actual arachnids in our ads, we showcased the exhibit as a fun summer activity. Our spiders did all the things we love to do in the summer. Just in their own, unique way. Bump, set, spin!

The Science Behind Pixar

The Museum of Science launched a sweet exhibit where you can experience what it's like to be a real Pixar film-maker. Go ahead. Take a peek inside.

Take a peek inside.

Turns out, Pixar characters make great spokespeople. Spokes-monsters. Whatever. We put these stars front and center, and all over Boston, to capture the fun of learning.

Making mini-films

Being able to work with the likes of Mike from Monsters University? It was an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience. He's super easy to work with, you know, once you get past the eye thing. These played in cinemas, on television and as pre-roll.

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