TJX Brands: Relaunch & Reinvigorate

The TJX team needed a partner who saw the same potential in a redesign of their corporate site to demonstrate their value-brand positioning and global reach. With a portfolio that includes Marshall's, HomeGoods & TJ Maxx to name a few, we were thrilled to be that partner in achieving their unified vision through a relaunch — driven by seamless experience and visual design. Bold new brand guidelines were adapted for the digital space to create a fluid, impactful and fully compliant site.

A value-based proposition

Working against a tight timeframe and in lock step with our TJX partners, we were laser focused on delivering against the mission of being the best value-based shopping experience. We optimized to highlight key focus areas, like corporate responsibility and investor relations and did it all through the lens of providing value to every potential constituent.

The successful relaunch of this Fortune 500 retailer site, coincided with the release of their annual report and poises TJX to continue delivering on their vision for further expansion.

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