How should you approach media when your audience is actively avoiding you?

The answer? Humanity Planning.

Brands have too often been sold on an idea that data and tech stacks can provide a magical solution called ‘Personalization At Scale’. But in a world of growing privacy, and the democratization of data it just means brands are fighting over the same pixels. And the result? America has recoiled.

Audiences are blocking more ads, skipping over interruptive videos, and even paying for ad free subscription viewing models

So instead, all that has been created is ‘Annoyance at Scale’.

So the real question you must ask is, What do you do when your audiences are actively avoiding you?

You need to earn their attention.

And you do that by going back to the basics. Creating a media strategy built on real-world behaviors, understanding audiences as people, and planning your Media campaigns based on humanity and effectiveness, not just exposure. And then activating by connecting them to their local media, not just the national ones that are easy to buy.

It all starts with asking very different kinds of questions, to give our clients very different outcomes.

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Now more than ever, effective media matters.

COVID-19 has turned our world upside down, in more ways than one. When it comes to media consumption, habits that were formed over decades have changed in a matter of days.

In response to these changes, A&G has issued a challenge to the media planning world: rip up the historical conventions and rebuild using a humanity-first approach.

Our SVP of Media, Will Phipps, shares his perspective in an op-ed titled, "Not with a Whimper, but a Bang: COVID-19 and a New Planning Era."

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