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Advice for women in advertising, from the women of A&G


With 60% of A&G’ers identifying as women, it’s safe to say our agency runs on powerful, talented, trailblazing women. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that here at A&G, we treat every month like Women’s History Month. 

This March, we asked the women of A&G to share some insights on their experiences as women in the industry. We’re lucky to work alongside a diverse range of women with different backgrounds, interesting and unique points of view. 

To truly let their perspectives shine, we’ve decided to share these responses while keeping each individual woman anonymous. Take a look at some of their insights, stories and thoughtful words of wisdom: 

“Marine Biologist (more specifically, I wanted to be on Shark Week). Chemist. Artist, chef, singer and/or interior designer. A singer. A reading specialist. 

“President. Still think I could.”

“Pastry Chef. Archeologist. A doctor. The Boss. College Math Professor. An actor.”

“I remember watching Beyonce’s music video for “pretty hurts” as a kid and when she said “my aspiration in life is to be happy” that really stuck with me.”

“Transphobia. I definitely pushed off my transition because I thought doing so would jeopardize all the hard work I put in the classroom, at internships, and even my personal brand and image, since the industry has a reputation of being male-dominated. Working and collaborating with other women in the industry definitely helped recontextualize everything and showed me that I didn’t have to pick- I could (and can) have both.”

“In my early days in Chicago I endured extreme sexual harassment. The only reason I’m still in this business is because I turned to a woman I admired who helped me get out of the situation.”

“Meeting the expectations at work, home, family, friends, kid’s school, etc simultaneously. It’s impossible to do everything well at the same time, especially when the needs are constantly changing. I constantly feel I am failing at something.”

“Having my voice heard in a room of predominantly male colleagues who are twice my age.” 

“Feeling confident in voicing my opinions and fearing to be undermined even though what I have to say is always informed by data.” 

“Equal pay to my male counterparts – hands down.” 

“The people around me. It’s amazing to me how people show up when you need them, and when you give them a chance to do so.”

“My kids laugh. The ocean. Rain in spring. Beautiful art and really good, selfless humans.”

“Seeing other teammates gain confidence, thrive & succeed when given the opportunity to dig into projects they feel passionate about.” 

“Thinking of my long term plan and what I want my life to look like in the future inspires me to be driven in the moment.” 

“My older sister. My grandma. My mom. Strong female bosses. Ali Wong. Cynthia Nixon. Athletes. Jen Putnam. Eva Wasko.”

“My sons. They are amazing people and they just don’t see gender the way kids did when I was growing up.”

“MOTHERS – I am not a mom but truly don’t understand the strength these women find to maintain two full time jobs, motherhood and their career.”

“The next generation of talent blows me away with their skills, curiosity, confidence and creativity. They seem to experience none of the insecurities I had during my first few years of my career (who are we kidding? Still have them!)…” 

“Honestly, how AI lets especially creatives bring to life new ideas vs using swipe to help clients and colleagues see what’s in our beautiful minds.”

“The challenge against traditional advertising media and finding more integrated, less traditional ways to reach our audiences.” 

“Getting back to research with people in real life versus on screen.”

“Authentic messaging and influencing.”

“Make sure they have turns to speak in group settings and check-in on their thoughts if they’re a little quiet.”

“Really listening and creating seats at the table. Trying to find their greatest strengths and maximizing their opportunities.”

“Cheer ’em on when they’re up and pick ’em up when they’re down.”

“Remind them how valued & strong they are. Invite them to a spontaneous lunch or drink. I often sit down and write a thank you note to someone I may not have seen in years…but has impacted my life.”

“Champion women as much as possible. We don’t champion ourselves enough. I’m very lucky to have been given a seat at the metaphoric table, and I feel a responsibility to make sure I’m creating space and making noise for other women to be there too.”

“The brands take actual stances on important issues and stop making wishy-washy, vague statements that don’t actually mean anything. If you stand for nothing you fall for anything.” 

“Zero waste. Stop wasting people’s time, money and energy.” 

“Promoting or hiring women and people from marginalized communities in positions of leadership becomes no longer “news,” it’s the standard.”

“In a world where production continues to get commoditized, I hope our clients continue to fight for the value of an idea.”

“Do not let your age or title influence your voice. Speak loudly, intentionally, and confidently.”

“Strive to always keep learning. As easy as it can be to want to be the best, fastest, or smartest in the room, you’ll be just as successful if you’re curious, agile, and ever-evolving.” 

“Don’t let other people define you. You decide what you want and who you want to be, and then figure out how you need to behave and what you need to do to make that true.”

“You can have it all.” 

“Let your quirkiness shine, it might just be the one thing people remember about you.” 

“Receiving feedback from women I’ve managed that they’ve learned so much from me not just in the mechanics of the job but in the style of my approach to the work and as a leader.”

“Not compromising who I am personally for success in my career.”

“The enduring relationships I’ve built — past clients and coworkers are now dear friends.”

“My children. Their success as really good, warm hearted and thoughtful humans.”

When I Grow Up – Pussycat Dolls. 

Green Light – Lorde. 

Unstoppable – Sia.

King of Anything – Sarah Bareilles. 

Feeling Myself (feat. Beyonce) – Nicki Minaj. 

Don’t Blame Me – Taylor Swift. 

Cheers (Drink to That) – Rihanna. 


The Man – Taylor Swift.  

Ain’t It Fun – Paramore. 

Rise Up – Andra Day

Shake it Out – Florence + The Machine.

Gives You Hell – The All-American Rejects. 

Ready to dance it out? Us too. 

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Special thanks to these incredible women for taking time out of their busy days to share  their wisdom. We’re grateful to work alongside so many dynamic, trail blazing leaders:

Jill Powers: Business Leadership Manager 

Tyler Brindamour: Public Relations Associate 

Ashley Shuey: VP of Media 

Kelly Scott: Director, Program Management 

Jennifer Putnam: Chief Creative Officer 

Amy Snelling: SVP, Director of Business Leadership 

Caylie Poola: Creator Relations and Social Media Associate 

Katie Knapp: Director of Business Leadership 

Abby Fessler: Associate Copywriter 

Hayley Walsh: Supervisor of Experiential Marketing

Dorothy Fang: Analyst

Monica Lorusso: Executive Vice President of Strategy 

Eliza Gray: Senior Project Manager