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A&G Celebrates Moving Day for Pine Street Inn in “Moving Out of Homelessness”


September 1st in Boston is a notorious day for moving in and out of rental apartments and dorms. It’s hot, the streets are congested, and it’s no fun carrying furniture and boxes up and down flights of stairs.

But for Boston’s homeless, move in day is a joyous occasion. Starting this weekend, Pine Street Inn is launching a new pro bono ad campaign created by Allen & Gerritsen to expand the perception of what Pine Street Inn offers – not just temporary shelter, but also the resources, tools and support needed to help homeless people find jobs and move from the street and into permanent homes.

“Move Out of Homelessness” includes TV, print featuring faces of homelessness and success (“For Some Moving Day is a Nightmare, For Christine it’s a Dream”), advertising on bus shelters, digital billboards on the T, a wrapped Gentle Giant moving truck with the message “Help Us Move People out of Homelessness” and even classified ads (1 Bedroom. 1 Bathroom. 1 Man No Longer Homeless).

Media outlets all over Boston graciously donated space to get help the Pine Street Inn move people out of homelessness, including: iheartradio, Beasley Media Group Inc., WCVB, WBZ, and my38.