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A&G Crafts Success Stories with Comcast NBCUniversal for SXSW 2017


At A&G, we believe in the power of an idea and rally around ways to help thinkers and makers turn their dreams into reality. Which is why we were so excited when Comcast NBCUniversal approached us to create an experience for entrepreneurs that would stand out at this year’s South by Southwest Festival (SXSW) in Austin.

Working closely with the Comcast team we developed an interactive experience, called “Success Stories,” which invites event attendees to participate in a digital Mad Libs-style game that illustrates how Comcast can be a partner in helping startups grow their businesses.

The interactive experience, which lives on several iPads in the Comcast NBCUniversal Entrepreneurial Engagement Booth throughout the festival, is a new twist on a few stereotypical tech stories. Attendees are able to personalize the narrative by adding their name and company – making their successful business idea the focus of the interaction. Once the participant fills out the word fields, the final story is revealed on a small branded printout that can be used as a keepsake and a reminder of the experience. The story can also be emailed to the participant if they opt in, which serves as a lead generation tool for Comcast and collects personalized data in a more playful way.

Curious how we can help you at your next trade show or event? Chat with about how A&G’s collaborative storytelling approach could help your brand.