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A&G Featured in the Wall Street Journal


Today three members of Allen & Gerritsen’s creative leadership team were included in a feature story in the Wall Street Journal’s Work & Family section.

The article, entitled “Use Your Seat to Get Ahead at Work,” discusses how proximity to successful coworkers plays a role in one’s personal achievement.

Check out the A&G excerpt below, and the full story here.

When Hoon Oh was hired last year as a creative director in the Philadelphia offices of the ad agency Allen & Gerritsen, “we started riffing off each other’s thinking” right away, says Hilary Sedgwick, who is also a creative director. Mr. Oh and Ms. Sedgwick were seated across the office at first but soon slid their desks together. Their boss Jennifer Putnam, chief creative officer for the Boston-based agency, says both are passionate about their work, and “they’re teaching that to each other and teaching that to the team.”