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A&G hosts panel discussion on The Business Case for Diversity


Allen & Gerritsen hosted a panel discussion sponsored by Massachusetts Cultural Council on the Business Case for Diversity as part of UNITE, a quarterly event series showcasing the intersection of design and everything else.

The discussion revolved around the importance of cultivating diversity in the workplace and how it affects a company’s creativity, culture and bottom line. The event was moderated by Rachel Murray, Co-CEO: She Geeks Out and featuredJulianna Akuamoah, SVP, Talent & Development: Allen & Gerritsen, Matt Thompson, Certified Mediator, Trainer, and Large-Group Facilitator, Ehren Foss, Director of Product Management: InsightSquared.

Each UNITE event brings together four thought leaders around a complex topic like entrepreneurship, healthcare, data visualization, and local manufacturing – and only one of the panelists is a designer.