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for real 
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B for your consumer, first.

When it comes to navigating the healthcare system, too often people feel lost and alone. BCBSMA, as a category leader, knew change meant finally tackling the complexity of it all. So we set out to address what we knew members needed most — an ally in the system – to stand with them, for them — and for everything healthcare needs to be.

How we did it.

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State your intention.

Healthcare as a category, needs to be more compassionate and with 3 million members, we know it’s not one size fits all. So we crafted the “B is for” platform to communicate explicitly the actions BCBS will take on behalf of their members as their advocate and ally in an overwhelming system. Because B is for every individual and every individual need.

B Bold.

B is more than the first letter of Blue Cross. We made it a modern, graphic shorthand that, like the brand, places human beings at the center of our mission. The transparency and openness reflects the clarity Blue Cross stands for while also conveying energy, action and vitality in all forms of communication.

Kathy Klingler | Chief Consumer Experience and Marketing Officer

“From concept to final execution---this is powerful and differentiating. I am incredibly proud and grateful for the partnership, late nights, debates and beautiful work."

Simplify every touchpoint.

Our core value of clarity doesn’t mean anything unless every brand experience is as seamless and easy to navigate.