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Those who rep the orange and black are a different breed. Rowdy, passionate and opinionated. But success on the ice is the #1 driver of revenue, and it’s been 44 years since the Flyers raised Lord Stanley’s Cup. So for the 2019 season, the Flyers brought in a new coach with a core of young talent, alongside a $265M newly renovated Wells Fargo Center experience. The final piece of the puzzle? A marketing platform up to the challenge of reigniting fan passion. A call to arms. An opportunity to #FlyOrDie.

What we did.

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One of the most rewarding parts of working with the Flyers was how collaborative the creative process was. The outcome was a campaign that really captured Philadelphia's mentality.

Fan hard, hashtag harder.

If you’re a Flyers fan, you’re a fan with all you’ve got or you don’t bother showing up. And it’s that kind of passion that extends perfectly to social media. From Gritty tattoos to dogs named Giroux, Flyers fans have never been shy about telling the world their team is the best. Starting this season, whether talking about today’s game, or the way that third line is really starting to gel, that fandom is now united under a single banner-#FlyOrDie.