How do you revamp a brand's social media identity?

Well, we had some things to flush out.

Urinary tract infections are not a topic of conversation at everyone’s dinner party. For Cystex, UTIs happen to be THE conversation. Cystex is a legacy brand with over-the-counter products that help women of all ages manage the pain and discomfort of UTIs. How do you give a national health brand a distinct tone of voice and social media identity when it revolves around a subject that some may not feel comfortable sharing?

What we did.

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Persona, persona, persona.

Before you begin building social media content, a brand should be unified with one consistent voice. What is the voice for a brand that helps women with their UTI pain? To figure that out, we held an interactive workshop to determine how Cystex will communicate with others on social media. Who is Cystex? What makes Cystex excited? Who is Cystex trying to reach?

So we established a “Big Sister” brand tone of voice.

Talking about a sensitive topic such as UTIs is a challenge. A&G has created a relatable brand persona accompanied by fresh, original creative to tackle the delicate topic in a tactful, engaging & educational way.

Kate Doyle, Director of Marketing, Clarion Brands

Pink Isn’t Just A Color.

Once we established Cystex’s voice and tone, we set our sights on creating a distinctive art direction. What visual attributes convey fun, reliability, a sense of understanding, and a wink and a nod? Our original photography and artistic vision helped us target multiple audiences with the same look and feel.