Museum of Science

Just Imagine.

We recently set out to create a fresh and engaging brand identity for the Museum of Science, Boston. And we went big. How? By positioning the Museum as a place of endless discoveries and infinite possibilities. It’s where ideas are born and minds are blown. Where questions become the answers that lead to more questions. Simply put, the Museum of Science is where people can come and just imagine. For this campaign, we needed to create work that was as big and bold the idea itself. It had to be abstract, dynamic, and inviting. Here’s where we landed.

How we did it.

Campaign Development



Audio & Video Production

Web Development

Brand Strategy

Audience Insights

Media Strategy & Activation

We also created a series of executions to help spread the message around town. From posters tailored to specific locations and exhibits to a South Station Spectacular, we looked to introduce the idea of “Just imagine,” all while sparking excitement and wonder across Boston.