How do you find new solutions to old problems?

Refresh your perspective.

The Richard King Mellon Foundation is one of the largest nonprofit foundations in the world that you’ve probably never heard of. And that’s by design. For 75 years, the RKMF has kept the spotlight squarely on their grantees. Which presents an interesting problem for a brand. To attract big thinkers, they needed to stand out a bit. So how do you attract the next generation of big ideas, when you’re uncomfortable attracting attention?

How we did it.


Platform Development

Brand Identity and Guidelines

Experience Design

Web Development

Video Production

Visionaries Wanted

RKMF has always emphasized the power of perspective – how new eyes can find solutions to even the oldest problems. So that’s where we started. We rebuilt their brand around their earnest appetite for people with the imagination and skill to bring about real and lasting change. Visionaries Wanted served as a rallying cry to bring together the next generation of big thinkers. And the work didn’t just influence their logo and design… it actually influenced where their new headquarters would be. Who saw that coming?

A deep dive

We wanted to create a launch video for RKMF that would be as true to their heritage as it was captivating to an audience. So we paired with ReMade to bring the concept of the transformative power of Vision to life… in vivid 3D.

New web, who dis?

For having such a big impact, RKMF is a surprisingly lean organization. So when it came to their website, they needed a little more than just a refresh. They needed a redesign: something to help guide, inform, and assist the many partners and grantees who reach out for support. We restructured their new site to guide potential grantees through a streamlined and simplified UX… and then we imbued the entire thing with the look and feel of their bold new brand.