How do you turn
a collection of
products into a
compelling brand?

You simplify. Right Mom and Dad?

The moment you decide to have kids, life gets…complicated. So, we made safety simple for our clients at Safety 1st. And who better to tell the world about it than the moms who live it every day?

What we did.

Creative Concept

User Experience Audit

Brand Platform Discovery

Content Strategy & Development

Visual Design

Video Production

Analytics Architecture Planning

What's your style?

Every parent has their own style. So we built a site experience based on their individual needs. Products are sorted based on the results of a parenting quiz. Shopping for baby products is simple when the site knows exactly what you need.


Guidelines made simple.

Just like parenting, branding can be a complicated word. We designed and wrote easy to follow guidelines, so anyone working with the Safety 1st brand can find the tools they need to keep the work consistent and simple.