How do you make
the most of two

We built an app for that.

When you’re a salesperson, you’ve got roughly two minutes before a foot in the door becomes a door in the face. So, when Comcast asked us to help modernize their sales tools away from paper brochures and door hangers, we got to thinking about how to give their pitch an upgrade.

How we did it.

Experience Design



iOS App Development

A wonderful example of how a brand promise, in this case ‘Simple. Easy. Awesome.’ can flex beyond advertising and reinvent the sales experience.

Monica Lorusso

EVP, Strategy

Informed by field research, we built an iOS app that helps Xfinity reps have a smarter, more tailored conversation with their customers. (1 of 6)

A branded screen introduces Xfinity and gives reps a professional appearance during those first critical moments of conversation. (2 of 6)

An Introduction section allows reps to talk through Xfinity’s services at a high level to gauge customer interest before going into more detail. (3 of 6)

The Interests screen lets customers take control. The app remembers their selections and serves up relevant features later in the conversation. (4 of 6)

The Features section gives details on all of Xfinity’s services. An indicator appears next to features that are relevant to the customer’s selected interests, helping reps tailor the conversation to their needs. (5 of 6)

The Build screen shows an editable summary of the conversation and the customer’s interests, which reps can use to place their order. (6 of 6)

Simpler. Easier. Definitely More Awesome.

As one of the largest internet and digital cable providers in the country, Xfinity’s entire identity revolves around cutting-edge tech for the modern home. So, we made a sales app to reflect their forward-thinking brand. And we did it from scratch.

We mapped the customer and salesperson journey and reimagined it to be more intuitive and conversational. Then, we torture-tested it. Over and over again until we made, broke, and re-built at least five prototypes. So what started as scribbles on an office whiteboard, in the end, turned into a better way for every Comcast salesperson to engage with potential customers.

The process was incredibly iterative and research driven, informed by user testing all along the way.

Abby Zug

Senior Experience Designer