A Path to Better Marketing Investment

A Path to Better Marketing Investment

Get the most from every dollar.

The way brands plan their marketing budgets is undergoing a significant shift, with outcomes as both the first and also most important input for planning. What was previously positioned as an “expenditure” can now be more accurately described as an “investment” in growth. This requires not just a shift in the mindsets of marketing and finance professionals, but also a shift in how these teams work together (you can read more about the trends we’re seeing in Performance Marketing this year here).

Our Investment Strategy advisory service helps your teams and stakeholders navigate the changing performance marketing landscape and align on where and how to prioritize your investment

Our team’s 45 years of collective experience across industry sectors (both B2B and B2C) and expertise across all marketing ecosystem touchpoints (paid, owned, earned) allow us to effectively apply winning strategies to your unique business challenges. 

Over the course of 8 weeks, we’ll advise and guide you through approaches that will accelerate your path to success. Ultimately we design and deliver 3 evidence-based scenarios that can be taken to your leadership teams as ways to maximize the value of your investment. 

Key Components

Outcomes Workshops
Stakeholder Interviews
Performance Assessment
Competitive & Comparative Analysis
Problem Statement Definition
3 Growth Marketing Investment Scenarios
Strategic Roadmap
Go-to-market Activation Planning
Ongoing Consultation & Refinement

Companies that have leveraged A&G’s investment strategy were able to…

– Reshape how marketing investment was planned and budgeted to better align with internal business line goals


– Bring a data-driven, expertise-led case to executive leadership to decide on future product investment decisions

– Quantitatively demonstrate opportunity-loss driven by failure points within the marketing ecosystem


– Uncover high-growth opportunities with multiple pathways to success that match operational & resource constraints

– Remove barriers to acquisition growth based on outcomes scenarios of what could have been


– More confidently invest in marketing knowing the balance of long-term brand investment needs vs. short-term acquisition targets

How it Works

We’re able to effectively deliver clients with a meaningful path forward by deploying our 5A’s process.

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