Higher Education

Thriving in a
Changing World.

Higher Education

Thriving in a
Changing World.

It isn’t easy being a college or university these days.

COVID-19 is accelerating trends long in the making. Enrollment is in decline, driven by shifting populations, brand new forms of competition, and, increasingly, scrutiny of the cost-benefit of a 4-year degree amidst ever-rising tuition costs.

In this shifting landscape, colleges and universities need to reestablish the strengths of their brands within the context of today’s world, reimagine the ways in which they communicate with prospects, and recommit to delivering real, ongoing value to students and alumni.

At A&G, we know these category-wide tensions may seem threatening, but within every good tension lies an opportunity, and that’s where we thrive. We have a long history working with brands in the higher education space, crafting their unique brand stories, and putting those stories to work in service of driving enrollment, improving the student experience, and strengthening brand perception amongst national and global audiences.

Our Services

Strategic and creative brand positioning

Prospect journey mapping

Cross-channel creative services

Lead generation strategy and execution

Website design and development

Digital experience design

Brand reputation and earned media

Content strategy and production

Outcomes We Deliver

Increase application rate

Improved applicant diversity

Student and alumni engagement

Grow brand awareness and perception

Increase donor activity

Increase student and alumni

Grow earned media

Build faculty pride and participation

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