#PhillyWantsLeBron: Three Billboards
Outside Cleveland, Ohio

Power Home Remodeling had a unique challenge: inspired by the Oscar-winning film, they planned to install three billboards in Cleveland, Ohio, encouraging LeBron James to join the Philadelphia 76ers when he enters into free agency this summer. The goal of the billboards was to create a national conversation to engage Power's workforce nationwide -- but once the billboards were installed, how could Power get people talking?

By leveraging a national sports influencer from ESPN, strategic local market outreach and smart creative direction, A&G helped Power secure more than 300 media placements; over 2 billion earned impressions; 15,000 tweets referencing the campaign; and a few copycat billboards along the way. And if we needed additional proof the billboards were a slam dunk? LeBron himself call the boards "dope."

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