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A&G Announces New “Third Spaces” and Retires the Term “Office”


Boston and Philadelphia Independent creative agency enters new era redefining the work experience

BOSTON AND PHILADELPHIA – May 8, 2023 – Allen & Gerritsen (A&G), a fully comprehensive marketing and creative agency in Boston and Philadelphia announces it is moving, not to new offices — a term they are retiring — but to new Third Spaces in both cities. The Boston Third Space is located at 125 High Street while the Philadelphia Third Space is at The Bourse at 111 W. Independence Mall.

A&G’s Third Spaces are designed to be places where people gather, dream and innovate in comfortable surroundings to create conversation, ideas and inclusion. The new Third Spaces feature living room style settings and seek to minimize the formality associated with the traditional pre-pandemic office. A&G is also forgoing assigned seating and eliminating the word “desk” from its vocabulary. The workplaces instead are filled with seats that can be booked and changed daily through A&G’s scheduling software, and gathering spots named for popular real life third places — Barber Shop, Ferry, Hookah Lounge, Bodega, Nook, Boardwalk, Speakeasy, Taqueria and more. A&G is encouraging employees to book seats based on interests and commonalities over verticals.

A&G’s Third Space concept is inspired by “third places,” a term coined by Ray Oldenburg in his 1989 book The Great Good Place, and further elaborated upon in his 2001 book Celebrating the Third Place. Oldenburg describes the concept as “public places that host the regular, voluntary, informal, and happily anticipated gatherings of individuals beyond the realms of home and work.”

“Last year when we made decisions about our real estate, it was a great opportunity to reimagine the future of the workplace,” said Andrew Graff, chief executive officer of A&G. “We were not interested in ‘returning to the office’ and continuing the old ways and habits of the past. As a company, we believe being together with intention is in fact important to the success of our business, and that flexibility will help improve overall agency productivity, employee well being and engagement. So, instead of a focus on solitary offices and desks, we focus on maximizing shared spaces to think, create and make together.”

“Our Third Spaces are where community, conversation, and the needed sense of belonging come together,” said Jennifer Putnam, chief creative officer at A&G. “Trading in the traditional rigid office for a flexible and agile work environment sets us up for more creative success. And I’m so proud that we had the vision to say, ‘we can’t go backwards.’ If we want to reinvent the future of the workplace, we have to reimagine the spaces we do it in, and make sure creativity, inclusion and comfort are core to these spaces.”

A&G opened their new workspace doors to employees on May 1 and will be inviting clients, collaborators and business partners into the Third Spaces in the upcoming months to have them check out the new spots, hear A&G leadership tell their stories on what Third Spaces mean to them and show how this next era of A&G can serve as a catalyst for what the future of the workspace can be.

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