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Allen & Gerritsen Launches New Consultancy: Primal


Today, Allen & Gerritsen (A&G) announced the launch of Primal | A&G, a new B2B consultancy. Primal | A&G brings the expertise and know-how of deeply seasoned marketing and sales professionals to leaders of high-potential B2B organizations that have an urgent need for sophisticated business and marketing guidance via a consultancy, rather than a traditional advertising agency relationship.

“We enable CEOs, partners and owners of innovative B2B organizations to manage critical inflection points in their growth trajectory” said Paul Allen, Primal | A&G’s Executive Director and A&G Chairman. “We help them confidently reaffirm their business aspirations, adjust course strategically and accelerate high-value sales.”

Primal | A&G applies the philosophy and methods of a proprietary approach to B2B-specific growth challenges. The consultancy offers a wide range of services including workshop-based strategic marketing sessions, communication infrastructure guidance, ideation training, creative process improvement and brand-based sales enablement.

Scott Sneath moves from his post as Managing Director of A&G’s Boston office to take on the same role for Primal | A&G.

“There are many businesses that have experienced great organic success but are now ready for more formal strategic marketing counsel to reach their next growth stage,” said Sneath. “True to the name ‘Primal,’ we encourage B2B leaders to examine business, brand, marketing and sales fundamentals to gain fresh focus in the face of unprecedented complexity.”

Tammy Casserly (Director, Connections & Relationships) and Gary Greenberg (Director, Creative) round out Primal | A&G’s roster of directors. The Primal | A&G team scales, as required, with the help of a deep bench of consultants who can bring specific experience to bear for an individual client’s unique situation and challenges.

Primal | A&G has been operating in beta since early 2016. Its current clients include Premier Dental, Redgate Real Estate Advisors, Boston Harbor Now and Barbara Lynch Gruppo.

“I’m thrilled to continue the expansion of the A&G family with the launch of Primal | A&G,” said Andrew Graff, CEO of A&G. “In its beta year, the Primal | A&G team has quickly proven the value of high-caliber, nimbly delivered, strategic marketing consulting for CEOs and other senior executives at high-potential B2B organizations.”

“Through Primal | A&G, we’re helping companies navigate critical and complex business and brand strategy challenges while at the same time building out a whole new offering for A&G,” said Allen. “This consultancy is another example of the agency’s ongoing quest to innovate, and to bring tailored expertise to our clients in a variety of industries and for companies of all sizes.”

To learn more about Primal | A&G ‘s services, contact Scott Sneath at and visit