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Opinion: Why Agile Ad Agencies are the Need of the Hour


In this episode, StackAdapt’s Carly Foy is joined by Ashley Shuey, A&G’s Media Director, to discuss the fluidity of agencies in 2020. When most of the world went into a complete shut-down in mid-March, many organizations pressed the panic button and pulled the plug on advertising – albeit temporarily.

Ashley highlights why purely buying media from a mathematical standpoint is flawed – because at the end of the day you are marketing to people not pixels.

Listen in while Ashley and Carly discuss how the scenario changed completely when organizations resumed advertising. Consumer perceptions and behaviours due to the pandemic, and in the wake of the BLM movement were definitely not the same. So why is it important to focus on the consumer’s state of mind? And how are Allen & Gerritsen driving diversity and inclusion?

If you are looking to learn from an agile agency and how they pivoted quickly, this is your episode!

Key Takeaways from this Show

  • How being agile can help you deal with highly fluid markets
  • How diversity and inclusion can help build your talent pool

This podcast was published on August 26, 2020 by StackAdapt.