How do you turn a bicycle into a vehicle for change?

Start a healthy revolution.

In 2018, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts took over sponsorship of Metro Boston’s public bike share, because they believed bikes could transform our neighborhoods and our overall health. Our job was to help build a six-year campaign for Bluebikes that would not only increase existing ridership but also transform community health. And we needed to do it without leaning on tired messaging about physical fitness or sustainability. Challenge accepted.

How we did it.

Campaign Development


Content Strategy

Audience Insights

Data Strategy

Audio & Video Production

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Our A&G team brought a fresh perspective to this initiative and were wonderful collaborators within our mix of agency and municipal partners.

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Together, we set a goal to increase ridership by 10% YOY.As of September 1, 2018, we had increased ridership by an astonishing 36.9% YOY.


YOY increased ridership

Keep that grassroots movement going.

Instead of launching a standard ad campaign, we created a movement called #TheBlueBikesEffect. We plastered our city with true stories of real riders feeling the empowerment, relaxation and freedom of Bluebikes. Then we invited Metro Boston to share Bluebikes’ positive effect on their life. One by one, bike by bike and street by street, passengers became riders and commutes became journeys. As we enter year two, we’re ready to roll out content focused on how Bluebikes benefits community connection and environmental health, as well as individual riders.

In addition, our campaign helped save 2,236,700 gallons of gas as well as drastically improve commute times and stress levels for local residents. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts’ brand perception went up, and we expect that to continue as more riders feel #TheBluebikesEffect.


Gallons of gas saved