How do you take the stress out of homebuying?

Don’t ask your Uncle Larry.

Our client, First Citizens Bank, came to us with a unique problem. They know people have a lot of questions about buying a home, but talking to a mortgage banker can feel a little intimidating. So customers turn to less-than-expert relatives for help, and often make the wrong choices. FCB asked us to help people bridge the information gap, and demonstrate their commitment to building meaningful connections with customers. Luckily, we knew a gal who was perfect for the job.

What we did.

Product Design

Audience Insights

Content Strategy


Campaign Development


Hey, Alexa...

Together, we created an easy, downloadable homebuying skill for Alexa. Our clients taught us all the banking knowledge we needed to make the skill incredibly powerful. And we translated all of that information into a seamless, human experience. Alexa can now help homebuyers understand everything from complex industry jargon to when to buy a home. Aunt Jill can’t do that.

She’s making everyone look real good.

People now have 24/7 access to real mortgage broker advice right in their living room, which has helped our clients show just how much they value personal relationships. In fact, a recent brand tracking study found the Alexa skill boosted FCB’s perception in the tech category. In addition, our work won the Media Maven Award for Innovation in 2018. But most importantly, we demonstrated that when brands live their mission, awesome things happen.