Elevating artisan craft in a “look for less” society.

Today, Pittsburgh is experiencing a renaissance of high quality craft from its friendly maker community, in materials ranging from glass and wood to textiles and metal. But mass-produced products are everywhere, incredibly inexpensive, and most annoyingly, are increasingly able to emulate the handmade artisan look of maker-made products. So how does a brand tell the story behind real maker products and elevate the blood, sweat, and tears that go into each one?

How we did it.

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Individually we are makers. Together we are an industry.

We created PG&H, a brand to showcase how the Steel City is forging the next Great American Industry with pride, grit, and heritage. Behind every product is the story of a maker who’s honed their craft, so we put their skill on display alongside the products they create. And to further align the makers and give them ownership of PG&H, we made a design system that celebrates their unique medium while uniting them under one banner.