Happy Valley Adventure Bureau

From ‘Centre County’ to ‘Happy Valley’

Despite Centre County being in the exact middle of Pennsylvania, counties to the south have always had a hold on the colloquial name ‘Central PA’ in the minds of locals and tourists alike, thus prompting the Central Pennsylvania Convention and Visitors’ Bureau to look for a new identity. Leaning into the emotional equity of Centre County’s own colloquial name—Happy Valley—was obvious. But to entice folks to visit all the beautiful communities surrounding Penn State University, the organization’s name needed to incite action. To stand out among CVBs who’ve changed their names to Visit Here’s, Explore There’s, and Discover Us’s, we had to take the new name to the next level.

How we did it.

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If you want to set yourself apart… start by doing something different.

To set the tone for tourism and travel branding, and grab headlines, as well as eyeballs, our new name had to be a little more daring. It had to tell a story and convey something unique, in a way no one’s ever thought of before. While visiting Happy Valley, locals were always eager to connect us to our next adventure, whether it be hiking, shopping, dining, or checking out the local art scene. Thanks to locals who genuinely want visitors to enjoy themselves in Happy Valley, couples get closer, family photo albums overflow, and guys’ weekends become the stuff of legend. Thus, The Happy Valley Adventure Bureau was born, and every business and resident of Centre County became an agent of adventure.