How does a healthcare company help people age better?

By empowering them to break free.

Adults over the age of 65 often feel they don’t get the care they deserve—and they’re right. Rushed through appointments, and the healthcare system itself, the care they receive doesn’t help them age better. Worst of all, it makes them feel captive.

Iora Primary Care is their chance to break free from all that. With appointments that give them the time they need, and a doctor-led care team that huddles daily to discuss their needs, Iora has rebuilt primary care for older adults from the ground up. The system will never be the same.

How we did it.

Audience Insights


Platform Development

Strategy & Activation


Brand Identity and Guidelines Development

Show them the way.

Most of our audience doesn’t realize another way exists—they’re too mired in pain points to think there’s a better way. So we highlighted those issues our audience knows all too well, and used them to construct a literal cage. And then we broke free from that cage, showing older adults that we not only get them… we’re built for them.

Use the Iora as a symbol of freedom.

The iora is a bird that’s known for not thriving in captivity, which makes it the very epitome of what the brand stands for. So we developed a system that uses the bird to the fullest extent.