Meet Boston

Founded in 1630. Never settled.

What do Samuel Adams and Szechuan food have in common? How do you connect the spirit of the American Revolution to the importance of The Embrace? How can you take what travelers anticipate from Boston and use it as a window into something totally unexpected?

Our rebrand of Meet Boston and subsequent campaign launch set out to answer these questions. To not just turn on the charm, but the floodlights and allow the unique offerings of all 23 neighborhoods to shine. The Boston we want to share with the world doesn’t just cherish tradition, it craves innovation. It’s a city that’s constantly in motion. One that never gets old.

How we did it.

Audience Insights


Strategy & Activation

Creative Development

Identity Design

Creative Production

Always in season

To make people see us differently, we’re focused on showing rather than telling. We’re skipping the platitudes and getting straight to the evidence that, no matter what season it is, you’re making a mistake if Boston isn’t in your travel plans.

Making a splash

An integrated approach featuring high profile placements like Times Square and the July 4th Boston Pops made people not just take notice, but come visit season after season.

Worth a second look

We didn’t just launch a campaign. We gave the city

a brand-new, bright and vibrant visual identity.

You’ve never seen Boston like this before.