Modernizing a legacy digital experience

With high customer expectations and heavy competition, UniFirst needed a brand new digital experience that matched the ethos of their new Always Deliver campaign. This meant starting with a ground-up reimagining of how UniFirst approached their digital ecosystem to better connect content and products, improve ease of maintenance, and drive users to convert. It also meant a brand new tech stack that took them from a legacy hard-coded site to a CMS-based infrastructure.

How we did it.

Northstar experience vision

Multi-year roadmapping

Content Strategy

UX Design & Concepting

Mobile & Web Design

Measurement Strategy


Program Management

Leading with Vision

Our Northstar visioning process provided the basis for reimagining UniFirst’s digital experience. Through extensive customer interviews and rapid prototyping we defined key features for the new experience that were roadmapped into a phased rollout approach based on customer value and level of effort.

Bringing It to Life

A fresh take on the visual look & feel of the website was paired with a reimagined mobile-first interaction design to create an experience that seamlessly marries content and products and naturally moves customers toward conversion no matter what device they are on.

Navigating with Confidence

New navigation design, information architecture, and content strategy provides several paths to find the products and solutions that best fit customer needs.

Maintenance made easy

A modular design system allows UniFirst to update content and create new pages quickly and simply.