Visit Philly

Because Philly is what stays with you

Philadelphia does a lot of things right. History? Check. Cheesesteaks? Check. A statue of Sylvester Stallone outside of a world-class art institution? Check. So when Visit Philly tapped us to create a campaign that encouraged tourists to stick around and explore all the *other* stuff Philly has to offer, we knew it would be a tall order. We needed to find a way to speak to people about all of the great things going on here. So we created a framework that let us do just that. Come for Philadelphia. Stay for Philly.

How we did it.

Audience Insights


Platform Development

Strategy & Activation



Showcase the unexpected.

The power of ‘Come for Philadelphia. Stay for Philly.’ is in its flexibility and ability to showcase the unexpected. The campaign can stretch to fit everything we could ever want to say. And it’s a repeatable structure that works hard to show the expected parts of Philadelphia alongside the unexpected parts of Philly. That duality is what sets us apart.

A campaign with atty-tude

Any campaign for Philadelphia needs to feels like it’s from here. And that’s exactly what we did here. ‘Come for Philadelphia. Stay for Philly.” lives and breathes that iconic Philly swagger and atty-tude. From art direction to copywriting, our Philly roots are proudly showing.

Spring is Philly SZN

We (obviously) think any time is a great time to make a trip to Philly. But spring just might be one of the best. Cherry blossoms. People rowing on the Schuylkill. The city bursting back to life. 
It’s THE time when the entire city embodies the spirit of this campaign. Hence why we declared the warming weather as officially being Philly SZN.